Purely Different

Quartzite bedrock. That’s what makes Montane Sparkling Spring Water purely different.

 Crisp, clean, protected and pristine. No other geologically comparable spring is known to exist. 

Cite Your Source

Our deep, quartzite spring is nestled along the Pine Mountain Ridge.  5,000 acres of old growth forest give sanctuary to the spring watershed. Passionately protected since 1934, we are proud to share this pure source.



Deeper Dive



Blue Springs’s remarkably pure water flows from a cold, deep quartzite spring in the Pine Mountain ridge of Georgia.  Other high volume springs emanate from sedimentary rock like limestone which result in a high mineral content.  Quartzite is a hard, non-carbonate rock.  Blue Springs produces exceptionally pure water with just 31 ppm Total Dissolved Solids.   Water this pure is rarely found in nature.  The result is refreshingly crisp water with a noticeably clean taste.

Blue Springs and the surrounding land have always been special to the Callaway family.  Cason and Virginia Callaway, founded Callaway Gardens in the fifties with a goal to connect man and nature in a way that benefits both. Today, Callaway Gardens is a 6,500 acre nature oriented resort that hosts 750,000 visitors annually


The spring watershed contains a mosaic of ecosystems rich in biodiversity including three high priority habitats as designated by the State of Georgia's Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP).   Habitats include: Montane Longleaf Pine Forests, Piedmont Bay Swap, and Plumleaf Azalea Ravine.

The Georgia Forestry Commission recognized the ecological significance of the Blue Springs land and facilitated a conservation easement. The Callaway family is proud to continue the family legacy of conservation with Blue Springs.  Blue Springs and the surrounding watershed are now legally protected for eternity.